Crashing on Updating to Alpha 13

This might be Sticky worthy, something for everyone to see.

Recently I have noticed a lot of people having the crashing on start up or shortly after starting their town. Some are saying this problem only just started when they updated to Alpha 13. The likely cause is the new settings CPP AI and Subspace Pathfinding. When you update from a previous version that did not have these settings, they are not defaulting to Enabled, but rather reading the old Settings file, not seeing them, and defaulting to Disabled.

Solution: If you find yourself unable to play the game after updating, please check these settings in your Options. They are important to the newer scripts that determine AI behavior and task management. Without them, often times the Hearthling’s scripting will load, and immediately crash the game. CPP AI and Subspace Pathfinding must be enabled.

More advice from a n00b. Okay, 64bit is still in the experimental stages. The game will, by beta, no doubt run much better on 64bit, but for now the Devs would like us to test it for them and we have been doing that to the best of our abilities. However if your game seems to get unplayable performance wise very quickly, you have reached the limit of what you can do with the 64bit. It’s okay, you haven’t failed the Developers, they are probably grateful you have tried. To resume enjoying the game and testing other bugs, it’s okay to start the game and click on “Force 32bit” and restart. The 32bit is more stable, though it has some of the older bugs. Simple note those bugs and enjoy. Thanks for reading.

Hey there @Rezo2012. Let me address some of your points. The issues with CPP AI and Subspace pathfinder being disabled are fixed in the next release. Users will no longer be able to turn them off, even by editing their user_settings.json file.

As for 32 vs 64 bit, I do not believe there should be any substantial differences in bugs between the two versions. Going to ask @Albert or @not_owen_wilson to confirm.