Load Without Confirmation

I think I’m about to quit playing. I just spent the whole day perfecting my 8-room two-story Stonehearth restaurant and my hearthlings were happily building it. To celebrate the end of Winter, I was about to send my footmen to try to attack the nearby giant zombie. So…first thing - save the game.

But my tired ass clicked Load instead. AND THERE WAS NO CONFIRMATION WARNING. You have a confirmation warning for Overwrites. But none for loading without saving first. And you’re DEFAULT auto-save setting is disabled.

So that’s it. I’m screwed. After all that work. Done. No options.

How hard is it to code in a feature that literally ALMOST EVERY GAME IN EXISTENCE already has? Just the same mechanic YOU ALREADY USE for another menu option.

I’ve carried on so far - despite a shocking lack of documentation on half the game’s mechanics, and despite some quirks that give a steep learning curve to certain elements, and despite the various sources that tell me the game’s not worth it. Because I see some elements that are brilliant and because there’s tons of potential with this title.

…but I just feel betrayed now, and the magic is gone.

Please make the simple change to add a confirmation on loading games. It will cost you next to nothing, and maybe you won’t lose any more players.

Thank you for your attention. Good luck.

The devs are gone, but I’ll throw this idea for you at the ace team (mod) since they already add multiple, time stamped auto saves as a thing (check under options menu if you have ACE)

Playing for a whole day is not healthy, consider having breaks
Auto save as default isn’t that good. It slows down everytime it runs and waste a lot of space on your disk.
You should had looked around already to get auto-save set as you desired and other options. If it is your first time playing, probably not lost anything import (giants are early game), a second run of the game and you will catch up to where you were in a blink.

Thank you for the reply.

ACE is impressive. I’m sure they can add this.