Save with immediate CTD (ACE enabled)

HI there,

been a while. Starting playing Stonehearth again a week ago, now with ACE enabled. Slowly learning the ropes, has some crashes every now and then, nothing to serious, but now I have an insta-CTD with my latest save. Been wondering if I just have to put up with it or whether this is fixable. Cannot upload here, as save is >10 MB even as zip.

Are running other mods besides ace

Nope, only Rahyas Children and Northern Alliance.

Could you perhaps upload the save somewhere like Google Drive? :slight_smile:

Or, if you don’t even get to load it before the CTD, the game log might be even more useful. You can find it on the Stonehearth root folder, it’s called “stonehearth.log”

Please post it here (or copy the last dozen lines or so) and that is already quite helpful!
Oh, and make sure you crash before you copy the log - the file is rewritten every time you launch the game so to make sure the end of the file is the crash, you have to crash it and then copy the file :slight_smile:



I attached the log and uploaded two saves to Google Drive (Stonehearth - Google Drive)

The one called autosave crashes immediately upon loading, the other takes about 20-30 seconds (basically until the message that my weaver has leveled to level 6 appears).

stonehearth.log (93.2 KB)

BTW, I don’t mind if its irrecoverable. I was just learning the ropes anyway with ACE, which I like a lot! Bit overwhelming though :wink:

Thanks a lot


It seems to be a fatal exception causing the issue, and apparently it is something that is about to happen. I noticed that if I pause the first save game, it doesn’t crash at all - but if I unpause it, it crashes a little after the weaver message indeed.

So now I’ll try investigating the paused game and see what could be about to happen that is causing the crash. I’ll let you know if I find anything!


I’ve tracked the issue down to a hearthling called Annika Snowe
seems to be some sort of AI loop she got stuck or something like that… Deleting Annika Snowe prevents the crash when I press play; I’ll now try to figure out a way to save the town without having to delete her since simply resetting her or reconsidering the AI didn’t work…

There you go!

I think I might have fixed it by doing some trickery :joy:
I didn’t play much to not ruin your game ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I’ve played well past the point where it used to crash and it seems to be working fine again… for now.

Feel free to try it out and let me know if anything happens again :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’ve activated DebugTools mod for fixing it but when you choose to load, just press the button where it says to “Apply the changes” instead and it will turn debug tools off :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the fixed save!

Hope it works and have fun!


HI Dani,

thanks a lot! Sounds like an issue with the base game?

Guess we have to live with that then.

Best and thanks for making ACE


Could be, but could also be something triggered by ACE.
The expansion changes a lot of things on many, many levels, so it’s difficult to say… Either way, it’s something that can be fixed :slight_smile: That’s what matters!

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