Game Just Crashed With no Warning - Lost Hours of Game PLay


I am very new to this game (started a few days ago) and I have just put in a couple hours of game play into a new save once I got the hang of things, then the game just quit to desktop with no warning, and I’ve lost the entire game.]


?? I don’t know how to do this?


idk how to do this?

Versions and Mods:

I’m playing on the latest with the mods: debugtools.smod, radiant.smod, rayyas_children.smod and, stonehearth.smod

System Information:

I’m on Windows 10, playing on a laptop. Not sure about the video card?

I haven’t tried any of the troubleshooting as its a couple years out of date and this has only happened once, and I am not comfortable rooting around in files I don’t understand.


Long story short, I don’t know anything about computers and/or games, and I just want to know if my game is recoverable?

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check the stonehearth.log file in the game folder. in the last lines should say something about the crash

about the notes, do you have the autosave active?
if not then i don’t believe there will be any way to recover the time after the last save :frowning_face:

about the mods, the only one of them you should mention is the debug tools. the other three are the main game

If you havent enabled the autosave function, i would recommend you doing that in the save game menu.

And just on top of that, do manual saves often, since you are playing on the unstable branch?
Your town might be lost, but take the experience and design ideas it gave you and go build a new and even better town with the autosavefunction enabled :merry:

Welcome to the discourse :sunny:

Thank you.


I second enabling the Auto Save function. If you did not already have that enabled, your game will unfortunately not be recoverable. But if you tick that checkbox, it’ll save by itself every 5 or 10 minutes, I’m not sure of the exact time. So you won’t lose hours.

To get stonehearth.log, you’ll want to look in the root Stonehearth folder, the same folder that contains the “Stonehearth.exe” and the “mods” folder. If you aren’t allowed to do attachments yet, you can open stonehearth.log in Notepad, and copy+paste the contents into your post.

Sorry to hear your game crashed, @KaydenReece :disappointed_relieved:

As mentioned above, you can enable auto save in the load menu, there’s a checkbox at the bottom.

Inside your Stonehearth installation directory (if you’re playing via Steam you can right click Stonehearth in your Steam library, click on Properties, click on the Local Files tab, then click on “Browse local files”) you should see a text file called stonehearth.log, and possibly a file. Could you upload both here?