Little Stone Golem Stuck in my window

A group of Golems spawned outside my wall and came in. Unfortunately, one of the little guys got stuck in the windows of one of my buildings. He isn’t attacking anyone, and my footmen can’t reach to attack him. However, when hearthlings approach him, I get the Invading Enemies notice.

I am using Stonehearth 0.14.0 (develop 2820) x 64 build on an MSI GS 70 running Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) with an Intel® Core i-7, 16 gigs of ram, and invidia g-force gtx-970M.

Screen Capture of my newest “pet”.


Hey there @CatieCat, welcome to the Discourse! Did the little guy “spawn” in the window, or somehow walk up to it? Have you attempted to build a ladder such that your Hearthlings can reach him. In the meantime, paging @linda to see this.

He might have spawned there when the large golem in the attacking force broke apart. I am not entirely certain, as I wasn’t watching the combat take place. I do know the rest of the force spawned outside of the fence in the background and came through a nearby gate. I will try building a ladder.


If he spawned when the large stone golem broke up, that would be an interesting twist on this (well known) bug:


Hmm, seems he just went poof in the sunlight. Well, he is no longer menacing my sleeping hearthlings. I did notice that some of the drops from other golems (stone and a lump of coal) seem to have spawned inside in same building, near an exterior wall. Combat did not take place inside the house.

I do believe that there is a “self-destruct” timer on many of the encounters. If I remember correctly golems and entlings only last a day or two…

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Poor little guy. Well, if I see anything like this happen again I will get a screen capture and report. Sadly, I cannot command the hearthlings to loot those drops. I guess someone’s going to be sharing a bed with a lump of coal.


Didn’t mob drops use to have the loot thing on that window? Referring to the lump of coal when selected. As that was dropped from mob. was that changed, or is that also a bug?

@CatieCat well I guess those specific hearthling will have a nice time imagining a fireplace there or fire pit that runs off coal. :smiley:


Ok, now imagine his laundry list. How painful must it be to wash those pijamas and bed sheets!

On the other hand, if he’s poisoned, he can probably just eat his newfound coal companion cube.

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@linda, @Albert, what are your thoughts on this? It seems to me a crazy occurrence, that the stars need to align to make happen, but isn’t exactly “expected” behavior and thus might be a bug…

I don’t think this should happen with the new spawning code, which should also improve again for A16.