Little question

what means touch and go?

i dont understand the sentence: but it’s always a bit touch and go in the early days … if i try to translate this the game will need an fsk18 sign or an japanese trainsign xDDD

or is it an write issue and should be but its always a bit though to go in the early days ?

Touch and Go mean the same as “Playing it By Ear”. It’s where you mess with something, and see what the reaction to it is. Depending on the outcome, depends on if you change it again or if it’s good enough. It’s what you do when you don’t know what you want the final outcome to be, but have a general idea of the direction. That or you don’t know how to do something, so you’re you’re going to try a few things and see what ends up working based on luck.


ahhh ok ^^ so my perverted idea was not half bad just in the wrong direction ^^

As a native speaker of English I don’t get this reference at all; ‘Touch and Go’ means something bad might happen/nearly did happen. For example: in reference to a patient recovering in hospital, “it was touch and go there for a while, but it looks like she’ll pull through…”

@Wiese2007 you can select the German translation for sense on that page


Thank you very much :smiley: i was near to it with my translation but now i have found better words for it :smiley: Thanks again to both of you :smiley:

Even in your example, my definition would fit. It doesn’t always have to mean bad things, as even in your example, it would mean they tried something, and awaited the results, and after several tries, she’s finally fine. Saying the same thing but with the other saying fits too;

“We had to play it by ear for a while, but it looks like she’ll pull through…”

Sorry if that sounds petty as that’s not my intent. Just making a point.


Oh don’t worry, it’s not petty - debating translation is good because it’s hard to get right.

You right, you line would work in my example. I only gave the example, however, so that the line had context.
Using ‘play it by ear’ would only work if you were the doctor - it literally means you made it up as you went.
(c.f.: “I’m not sure what to do, I’ll play it by ear”)

This is why I wouldn’t translate one as the other - you created an implication that just wasn’t there in the original copy from Team Radiant.

“It’s always a bit touch and go in the early days” => Life is hard for a new colony (no implication of ‘making it up’ as you go)
Hope you don’t find that pedantic :smiley:, I quite like debating idiom.

Edit: for completeness:


Haha. I’m sunk in modelling, so I’m not nearly close to it. But it’s always interesting to stumble onto things like this.

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