Are you sure you want to use the word Poyo?

Poyo, with Y, in spanish has a meaning. It is a stone boulder or a stone bench.
Pollo, with LL, is a young chicken, that still doesn’t lay eggs and is meant for eating.
If you use the word poyo to call your chicken you may risk making all your spanish-speaking players laugh to death. :anguished: Or, worse, young children playing may start mistaking both words…

Have Fun, Kyth.


to my understanding they went with poyo because it was similar to pollo, though i dont think they actually knew that pollo meant rock/boulder.

paging @sdee @yshan.


That is my concern. Both words are too similar, and pronounced nearly the same. I don’t believe it is a good choice.Thank you for letting them know so fast. :wink:

Have Fun Kyth.

I personally dont like Poyo - its sound simliar to Pyro (Germanword for a Person who likes to make fire).


Also sounds like something Kirby says!

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i must say , i myself quite love the name poyo, but,

they chose poyo because it sounded happy, except now that the “connection” between pyro and poyo has been made… its not quite so happy anymore…though i personally i think thats rather hilarious, mainly because i just imagine a qhole bunch of chicken pyro’s… then again i’m probably insane.


Isn’t this why we have localisation? :wink:

lol you have right xD ok then i will stay with Buckbucks for the german people xDDD


We could use Clo-clós for the spanish :smiley:

That’s also why Kirby says that when he’s happy…

Poyo is adorable and is, in this context, a completely “made up” word for the chickens… no feathers need be ruffled over the name…

see what I did there?



You’re grounded Steve! :wink:


In english it might be. In Spanish it will be mistaken for a typo. Not sure if that is what they want. :worried: In a translation it may need to be changed.


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It’s perfectly fine for a translator to change the name of the Poyo to make more sense in another language. It’s funny to me that Pollo means chicken and Poyo means stone ('cause you know, stone hearth. stonehearth chicken lol)


how did i not make that Connection before… :open_mouth::laughing:


Then maybe in the Spanish translation we can call them stones?


Stohens? :innocent:

Sry, couldn’t help it…



I was also concerned about

Not really mistaking, but writing “poyo” instead of “pollo”, since we don’t use the word “poyo” that often, at least in written language.

Otherwise I find it quite funny (but I didn’t laugh to death :wink: I was a little surprised that they went for that name, though) . For Spanish people it’d be as natural as calling all the other animals (rabbit, sheep, etc) :smile:

It’s true that “pollo” is meant for the meat / for eating. There’s “gallina” for “hen” and “gallo” for “rooster”. But in my opinion is not a big deal. When I played farm games I usually called them “pollos” because it’s shorter to pronounce than “gallinas”. I think you can use that word even if it’s not a chick, so…

I agree that the localization will solve it, we can think of other names if needed.

P.S.: I already giggle when I see them walking in the videos. They are so cute xD