Idioms or not idioms?

just ask if the game will be completely in English or have other options such as Spanish or German.

They want it to be localized, I think this will come down to a community effort, but I shouldn’t imagine it’d take too long to translate.

Edit: [url] Found it:[/url]

Q: Localization? A: Yes, we will localize! We’d like to crowdsource this if possible

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I think they should make an effort to reach the German community before the end of Kickstarter. Those people are fanatics about this type of game.

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Hey i have asked them directly and this is the answer: “We aren’t doing localization right now, but we may after the game is released. You’re the 8th person to have asked for German this week!”

So it will be at first in Englisch and later after release perhaps in German :smile:

I didn’t mean German Localisation. I meant Advertising to the German community. Most of them play English versions of games anyway.