Some questions about the game

Hello there !

I’m here to ask some questions , but first , if the questions I ask have already been asked please don’t kill me and just send me on the right topic.

  1. Is there going to be a French version of the game ?

I’m French and it would be really cool if there would be a French version of the game even if it’s not essential for me because I’m a bit bilingual and I think that it may attracts more people to buy the game.

  1. Will the other players in PVP or in Co-op will see our Kickstarter pets ?

I think it would be awesome because the people will know that we bought the game early and we will have a sense of prestige or something like that !

That’s all for my questions and bye :smiley: !

Other players should be able to see your pets just like your citizens, so yes to that one.

Hey there, in regards to your localization question, the game will be localized and they’re looking to crowdsource this.

As for the pets, I should imagine so!

Thank you for your answers guys :smiley: .

Thank you for your reply, i’m french too ! :slight_smile:

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