Little Challenges

Very, very, incorrect.

See, the assumption was based on the fact that he is American, and as an American myself, I have a preconceived notion that all Americans have great skill.

Perhaps @Smokestacks or @Rekragamm would like to play, then? Or maybe @Smith?


Yeah I can see flaws with that, It’s a pity he hasn’t been online in an hour then. Actually the online status seems to be implying that’s the only 3 people on from my investigations.

Oh, and Okrand means “unkown” in the language of the Swedes. That means that they recognize America as Terra Incognita. You sons of #$@&#.

Is it ok if my little bro plays?

Whoever was Yellow.

You are now my eternal enemy.

Sure. Can you explain that the arrows don’t mean you should answer for a different one? I suspect he got a bit confused by it. Stick to whatever box has your colour dots.

That would’ve be me.

Yeah, he’s only 10. I guess he did his best, though.

Oh, and yellow was Xav…

And my bro’s not playing anymore. Oh well…

What happened man?! Your cursor disappeared and we needed you to click the number 4!


Edit: Anyway, food time, we’ll try this again later!

Come on, bro. COME ON XAVION!! WHY!!!

Anyway, while we’re all online, who wants to Civ it up?

I remember it being a bit confusing the first time I played, other that I think he might’ve been doing ok.

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Weird. On my end it looked like you two disconnected.

Daaang, I’d have played but I was eating. I’m waiting for a challenge to be set so I can win, I have my own one ready :smile:

why yes… yes it is… thanks!

/confidence bolstered

/confidence destroyed


Do not underestimate the subjugative powers of the Britons, Faux-Lord Adamo. You are welcome in my country, but do not be subverted by the people of theirs… Across the pond, who knows what they’re doing?!?

Oh, and I said Faux-Lord because, unlike in Britain, our positions of power are not based on inheritance (normally), but rather based on something more.

We’re monsters…

Well technically @ManOfRet never claimed completing the last one (beat lvl 25 in Run) so you could still do that. I could probably grab another easy one if you wanted, and there is always the surprise ending to the first game which is worth seeing.

I’ve also added records so anyone can go back to an older game and try and beat the record if they want.

Yeah… Well, I suppose a rule should be implemented so that no one can win more than X times in a row, with X being whatever seems fair (I think one or two is a good number, personally), but for the record, I did get past it. But I defer.

Okay then, No one can choose more than one time in a row. That way the challenges could hopefully stay interesting but the records could keep old ones being possibly played as someone could come along and break them.

Start a game tommrow after 10 and I will be there