Little Challenges

I’ve gotten bored so I’ve decided to try this. It works as thus, someone gives a small challenge for a free cross-platform game, whoever completes the challenge gets to choose the next one. Could be interesting, might not be. Anyway to start it off.

Little Challenges
Previous Challenges
Made by @Xavion
Score 100000 points in Experimental Shooter 2.
Hint: If you hit r it resets the current level including the timer so if you’re taking ages you can try the current unfinished stage again for more points.
Record: 105377 @Xavion

Made by @Xavion
Beat level 25 in Run
Record: 24, Intense @Xavion

Made by @Smokestacks
Beat Achievement Unlocked in under for minutes.
Record: 192s @CableX17

Made By @Xavion
Beat Elephant Rave.

Made by @CableX17
Beat level 20 in The Peacekeeper
Record: Level 40 @CableX17

Made by @Xavion
Complete Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar

Made by @Geoffers747
Score 75 in Multitask
Record: 209 @Geoffers747

Current Challenge

Hard Challenges
Previous Challenges
None yet.

Current Challenge
Beat level 8 in The Codex of Alchemical Engineering

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I chalange you Xavion to a duel at this! (i will get 10000!!!)

What? There’s no links in your post and if you’re talking about the thing I linked I could just go beat it again for the 100k. It was pretty easy the first time through.

i approve of said challenge, and would accept the thrown gauntlet… but alas, i am heading out for the day…

enjoy the challenge lads! :smile:

I labelled it little challenges for a reason, also to everyone else it should take 5-10 minutes to beat the game. The 100k isn’t too hard, you’ve got to average about 10s a level for 24 for levels. I think anyway definitely less than 15s.

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Well, I just barely beat the score, with 100640 points. phew

Well than you get to choose the next challenge, or I can just name some random flash game again if you can’t think of one.

Also How’d you like the ending?

The ending. I’m not sure how to react about that, to be honest…

Edit: Commence with the random flash game, please!

Beat the first ten levels in Run


B**** please… How’s about the first 15 levels? That was too easy.

Edit: I refrain from taking the title twice. Next person to win gets to pick.

I’m on level 24, how about 25 then?

Also you shouldn’t go challenging unless you want serious hard stuff. SERIOUS HARD STUFF!

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That sounds A-O-Good to me.

To everybody, a secondary challenge if you will. There is this thing called [the team test][1], it requires 4 people to play but I’ve created [a game here][2] so if we can get 4 people than we can see how good we can go. The secondary challenge being obviously to see how a high a record teams can get. Compete for Glory!

We only need one more person and we’re good to go. Also it will say when it gets all 4 people assuming you haven’t got it muted, a countdown to game start and everything.
[1]: Sidan du söker är inte längre aktuell - Försvarsmakten
[2]: Sidan du söker är inte längre aktuell - Försvarsmakten

I’m green apparently …

What city do I show up as?

I would think that it would be something in particular. (not disclosing my location to the general public)

OKAND (With an umlaut above the A)

What about myself?

London. Okand means Unknown by the way.

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Wait, huh? I show up as Okaend? Hmmm… Anyway, you show up as London.

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We need one more person to click this link!

How about you, @SteveAdamo? I understand that your skill is great, correct?

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