oO, a free minimalistic, single buttoned game

This little flash game here really intrigued me… I quite enjoy it!

… and I hope you all do as well!

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what is it??? ug why do you have to have 20 characters lol

I’ll quote the author of the game… It’s a “minimalist dodge-em-up”!

Edit: So it appears the first level is really long… I completed it with 64 deaths over maybe 10 minutes… Fun!

I love minimalist games, but Linux doesn’t support this one. :frowning: I really hope my new computer arrives soon.

Stuck using my sister’s crappy iPad Mini, which means that I am restricted to not using Flash

Damnit Apple.

@EpicDwarf Try Puffin browser, I believe the demo is free.

Btw, congrats on receiving 500 likes. Quite impressive.

Yeah I think the flash player trial in it is free for like 12 days
EDIT: Whelp. I guess they changed that since I used it apparently you can use flash player"8am to 4pm everyday".

Nice game by the way! I’ve totally missed it during my kongregate game searches! Also, 53 deaths :wink:

Is the first level the first circle that’s filled yes?

Edit: My first attemot was something like 34 deaths, just had another go - 6 deaths. Tried the level off to the left, it’s all wobbly, no thanks!


I don’t think the first circle that’s filled is the entire level, that’s just a checkpoint. Or, wait, do you mean the purple or red one in the level selection menu? Were those filled at the start? I’m now looking at it after having played the first level (the leftmost circle?).

Anyway, I don’t know how many deaths I had… or is that the number that is now in the second circle from the left? If so, it was 50 deaths. Scary game, but fun.


*click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click*

*punches screen*


funny little game. 88 deaths first level. My twitch reactions are not the best it seems. Might be the cause why I like grand strategy games :smile:

Right, so I got it wrong the first time; that first level I played was actually the second circle from the left, which is why the number showed up there, I guess. That was indeed 50 my first try; 29 my second. (@Geoffers747, very impressive!) I tried the wobbly one that was on the far left and got 44 deaths. 59 deaths in the third from the left. And that’s enough for now.