Limit Farming Plots Production & animal Disease

I would suggest an new feature where you can limit farming plots production. E.g Clicking on your Pumpkin field should have a imput window where you can define the amount of stored pumkins. E.G 50. When your farmer realize there is 50 Pumpkins in storage he/she will stop harvesting pumpkin. This will reduce the lag caused by items as well as address the multiple food baskets standing everwhere. For Chicken coups and sheep just add a flag in the middle of the field with the same option, but with a setting for both the pruduct (e.g. eggs) and the animals. When the animals reach over this number one will be slaughtred.

E.g. Pen Size 19
You could set the harvest ammount to 18
When a 19th animal is born an adult will be slaughtered.

On disease - Allow animals to get diseases. For example a sheep can get contract FootnMouth(animal limps around with its foot in it’s mouth) :slight_smile: Disease. Your herbalist must keep not only human cures but also animal potions is stock.

The diseases could have funny names and results. E.G. Bloaty Disease causes your sheep to first bloat and them float away with the wind or explode if no cure is available. Also your healer could accidentally administer the wrong antidode and cause somethin else to happen to the animal. This makes for all sorts of fun.


When i read the first part of your post i thought, yes that deserves a like… then i read this… and even though they are pixels on a screen, it nutures a certain mentality i dont agree with… :glum:


Thank for the Reply. I understand that it might have been a little unsensitive, but what I meant by it is that just like in real life there should be consequences to ones actions. If a doctor give someone the wrong prognosis then it could be fatal. The fact is this is a game and farming, especially with animals are a bit stale. What I mean is make farming and medice more like theme hospitals diagnosis and results.

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I agree on the suggestion and back you up on diseases and aplying medicin, could be a great way to emerge your self even further in the farming and herding part of the game.
Words can have a huge effect and that was just what happened there :wink:

Just as an addon - Taming wolves wont be bad either.