Let's Play a Game: Will it Build?

Just for fun, let’s see what can be built (and what, unfortunately, can’t!)

Post a pic of your entry, and let us know if it was successful or if it failed.

My Entry


Didn’t get much farther than this, sadly

Some scaffolding went down and some windows were placed. The workers just stopped working after the goblins started showing up. It seemed to slow down a lot after I deleted goblin stockpiles. :frowning:

Most likes by this time next week wins? (Friday, 9:00 GMT)


love the premise… :+1:

i’ll try and toss up some images from FroggVille2 this evening…


Might I ask of the fate of FroggVille1?

Don’t. Please. The memories are somewhat raw.


this is a repost from over on @Froggy’s thread… twas a sad evening indeed!

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Oh my.
/end of derail