Let enemies destroy stuff, but give us an option to repair things

In the last DT: Titan, it was said that it wouldnt be fun if a titan destroys all buildings because of his size. I kinda not agree with this statement. Ok, I agree with the statement given the current build and game mechanics, but there could be ways to make this possible without losing the buildings,

My suggestion is, that enemies, especially titan-class bosses, can destroy walls, buildings and other stuff. The game will remember the original building and if not in combat, the player can start the repair. You then are shown a blueprint of the fully repaired building and what materials you need in order to repair the building. If you start the repair process, all crafdtable items will be in the craft queue and hearthlings will start repairing.

This way, you could create titan-class enemies who actually roam around the world and not outside of it.


Yes! Exactly. The building should be destructible, but the blueprint should be saved, that way if anyone is alive after the attack, they can rebuild it. Yes, please, this would be fantastic.


I really, really, really do wish we could do this, but unfortunately building repair with 100% guaranteed success is actually a harder problem from a dependency-analysis perspective than building construction from scratch, which is why renovation is currently not a feature in the new building editor.

We could probably make it work in most cases, but as we see for the regular building editor, that last 10% is a killer. :stuck_out_tongue:

What could happen is that the Titan destroys buildings on the Hard difficulty setting, but does not destroy buildings on the Normal difficulty setting. This way, players getting into the game that choose hard know what they’re getting into, particularly with the end game. I don’t know how hard that would be to put in difficulty dependent events though.

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How about this solution:

  • When you start building a house, the game saves several states of the building.
  • When an enemy starts destroying a building, it gets destroyed in these states. So first the roof gets destroyed, then the top walls, then the top floor, then the bottom walls etc. (from upper levels to lower levels)
  • If you want to repair the building, the game will figure out which states have been destroyed
  • Repairing a building will ONLY repair walls, roofs and floors. It will not replace furniture. This has to be done by hand. This should make it easier to create the repair function. To compensate this a little bit, the game will recognize which furniture has been destroyed and the game will ask you if you want to put those destroyed items into the crafting queue. Should make it a little bit easier to replace all the lost furniture.

i would be okay if the villagers just smashed their hammers against the side of a template to repair blocks no mather where they are require same amount of resources and more time the more to repair. kind of the way your villagers builds houses in Age of Empires ect. This way it wouldn’t be hard to do it or maybe thats too much new coding


A large amount of time has gone into making the building system work the way it’s working now – the “real” way, where you see H’lings do all the construction. The devs have said they prefer this way. It’s hard to see them turning back on this now… though if I’m being very honest, I agree with you, and feel that building had been given far too much focus. But, considering they based their decisions on feedback on the builder, we who think it can be simple must be a minority.