Let Crafters not make Fine items when regular items are needed for a blueprint

When placing a blueprint and the ‘Auto Queue Crafting for Building’ is on, the building may still not be able to complete without player interaction because the crafter made some items with the ‘fine’ quality instead of the normal quality items. This can be quite annoying, since it basically makes the Auto Queue option not work as intended and adding tedious work to the game loop (opening the building menu, clicking the building, opening the missing items dropdown, go to the crafter menu, request those exact items).

My suggestions are, either:

  • Give players the option in the crafting menu to make items ‘Fine’ on command, maybe adding resource costs and/or increasing crafting time for balance. This would create the opportunity to create blueprints with fine items in them, while guaranteeing the crafter will actually create those items without further player interaction.


  • Give players an option in Settings to make your Hearthlings not care whether the item they need to place in your town has a Fine quality or not.

I thought that was fixed and they would place whatever was available regardless. If it did not. It’s a bug.

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there was a “use any quality” option for the template when we saved it (as far as i can remember) but i don’t see it anymore… maybe it was removed

In the new builder, hearthlings will use any quality available for the standard quality items. If you placed high quality items in the blueprint, they will be respected too.

@RazomOmega, are you playing Alpha 23 or the unstable Alpha 24?

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I am playing on the latest version of the Unstable branch as of 30 may.