Lay Custom Foundation 1.1.0

So, you know when you drop down a building from a template that comes with the game, the Hearthlings will start by digging up the ground to lay a foundation. Is it possible for me to create the same effect with a custom template? Been searching for the answer and maybe I missed it somewhere if it is indeed possible.

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To clarify, are you trying to create a “mining template” so you can mine out a shape repeatedly without having to drag out the mining tool every time?

I suppose they are mining the top layer, never thought of it like that. So yes, is there a way to add this feature into building a template aside from using roads or (a more creative approach) using a previous template and editing it to fit the need I have? Though I suppose the latter works with no trouble so I will continue to use that method for now.

Found it!

So, in the JSON file for the template, changing “sunk” in the "header section, from false to true will cause the building to create a foundation beneath ground. I tested this and the Heartlings started digging out the foundation to build upon.

“header” : {
“preview_image” : “/r/saved_objects/stonehearth/building_templates/64a7ad61-0eb9-4050-bb00-3f913bff9ae3.png”,
“revision” : 1,
“version” : “1.0.0”,
“custom_name” : “Sunk test”,
“sunk” : true,"

Here’s another question, is there a way to build a tool or mod that can accomplish this task instead of manually editing the JSON file each time?

Time to investigate this a bit more.

You can also just press the “Sink Template” key when placing the template. It defaults to shift+, .

Edit: And when you’re designing a template, you can select a room and use the arrow controls that appear to drag it down into the ground.