Building template Help - looking at all you modders

I am looking for some help if I can get help.

I have a building template that I wish to add upon another building. However since I built it on the ground. When I go to add it on the building it just sinks down to ground level.

I am trying to build a temple with a giant moon on top

ei here

but yet again it sinks to the ground.

now my question is

in the template files. is there a way to change the level it is on. rather than it sitting on the ground in teh files? or am I sol and have to just recreate it. (which was a pain in the BUTT)

While I don’t know about “raising” the template, there are several workarounds to make H construct it at certain elevation. One of them is:

  1. Construct a platform at the required height. Finish it.
  2. Put your template on it.
  3. Demolish the platform.
  4. Build your template.
    Since your moon is on top of the temple you can probably use the temple itself instead of the platform. If the roof is not big enough to place the moon on it, you can temporarily extend it with slabs (but note that slabs should be added on a completed building - so they are treated as a separate construction and can be demolished later).
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ahh dang I was worried about that. the platform that it is currently on was only an example. the building would be much taller. I was hoping I would be able to change the height through the template files in order to be able to use it on many diffderent buildings rather than just one.

thanks though! seems like I am sol and will have to just recreate it.