Latest Version as of 10.28.15

release-463 (x64)
…mponents/fabricator/fabricator_client_component.luac:30: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
…mponents/fabricator/fabricator_client_component.luac:30: in function <…mponents/fabricator/fabricator_client_component.luac:30>

How I got to this bug (I didn’t exactly reproduce it or attempt to)

  1. Fiddled around with building design.
  2. Foundation with a 7x7 square connected with a 5x4 foundation. To make the building more interesting than a cube.
  3. Tried to partition building into two rooms by building a wall in-between the two foundations. Note that the foundations, together, make one building as they are connected already. I built a wall over the foundation.
  4. Attempted to put a door on said wall. Didn’t work because there was only 3 blocks of wall, support not included.
  5. Decide to scrap the whole building plan.
  6. Get error.

Reason for not having a picture to accompany post: read last two steps.