[Latest build] renderer.cpp assert (Workarounds/Fixes inside)

Have just updated on steam the latest branch and after trying to start this is all i get.

I have tried to remove local content and install again same result.
Can’t give a version number since i don’t get that far but the current content buildId in steam says 441819

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First, tried manually deleting the Stonehearth directory? Steam doesn’t always make a clean sweep when uninstalling.

If that still doesn’t work, what’s your PC like? In particular, your graphics card & Windows version will be useful info (for example, Vista users have had various crashes, and AMD graphics cards with outdated drivers often have trouble - and often their auto-update software won’t show the latest drivers on the AMD website :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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Im having the issue as-well, and Im using nvidia and have windows 8.

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This had a easy FIX for me:

Remove the candledark mod from your mods folder! Candledark works only with version 150!


Deleting the entire content of the steam installation fixed the problem.
I have not had any mods installed how ever so don’t know what was the issue.


Every time I update to the latest version of StoneHearth and launch the game it gives me an assertion failed error. It gives me a long path to the error, but the path is so long all I get to read is the final part which is “\source\client\renderer\renderer.cpp:15581”.
I removed the Candledark mod. I tried going back to the last stable
version and then reinstalling the latest version. I even deleted the
local content and reinstalled the game to make sure that there wasn’t
any weird files I left in there. The game will launch and work just fine when using the last stable version just not the latest. I am using the steam version of

Did you clean out the directory thoroughly? Steam’s bad at this.

Beyond that… well it’s talking about an issue with the renderer, so check your graphics card drivers (especially if it’s an AMD one, check online, don’t trust the auto-update software).


I was receiving the exact same eroor code when attempting to play on the “Latest Build” branch (Most untested" Sorry if my verbage is wrong there, but i had to delete stonehearth. Uninstall steam, reinstall my graphics driver (Amd Radeon HD 6570) and restart my PC (Windows 8.1 2.0ghz dual core, 3 GBS ram) and reinstall steam, push stonehearth to download as latest branch, issue resolved :slight_smile: (I work in Tech Support)

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OK same problem with me, when i try to launch the game (sometimes) i get this error message:

but on my case the error goes with Protocol.cpp:124
Hope to find a solution.
Guilherme Souza

Getting an assertion error as follows…

Assertion Failed:

I’m using 64 bit (beta), and have re-installed the game a couple times and verified the local cache.

hey there @Zilarrezko … welcome aboard!

your post has been merged here… resurfacing an older bug… thanks! :+1:

I had this yesterday. To fix, go to your stonehearth folder in steam, then to mods, look for stonehearth folder there and remove it, its a mod.

Or you can just uninstall the game completely and make sure all of it is deleted. You might have to go find the folder and delete it too and reinstall

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Oh my… how embarassing…

I unzipped the Stonehearth SMOD directory to look at the source a bit. I apparently left it there and the game was looking into the unzipped folder hahaha. Deleting local content obviously never really works on steam. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction man. It’s fixed and I can play.