Game-breaking assertion failed bug


I have had to re-install the game twice now for the same reason, when i load my current save game i get the following error message displayed;

That is not a location on my disk, it is obviously referencing a filepath on the machine the binary was built from (?)
If i then quit out and re-launch Hearthstone I am no longer even able to reach the main menu as this message pops up again, requiring me to delete and re-install the game to get back to the menu.



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Versions and Mods:

Cannot currently launch the game to find out, running latest stable Alpha 14 release as provided through Steam on 6th of February 2016.

System Information:

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Windows 10, GTX 590 GPU, 1080p external monitor.

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here: :

Yes, move this further up the list as following this advised crashed my entire PC instead of just the application causing me to lose all my previous data entered here…
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Remove the stupid “2 links per new user” restriction - do you really want your users bug-reporting ability completely hindered? its ridiculous any company who does their bug reporting through a platform like this would leave such a restriction on…

Hey there @James_Trotter, welcome to the Discourse!

Couple of questions and suggestions for you, let’s see if we can get you up and running.

  1. Have you been able to play successfully before (on a previous build), or is this your first time playing?
  2. When you say “delete and re-install”, did you delete from Steam, or open File Explorer and delete the entire folder manually? If the former, please try deleting from File Explorer. Steam has known issues in that it doesn’t always delete the entire game folder.
  3. Can you double check that your graphics driver is up to date? According to your log you have version 359.06, and NVIDIA’s site shows 361.75 as the latest version. Please use Download Drivers | NVIDIA as the built-in auto-updaters commonly installed with drivers don’t always work.
  4. Once you have attempted the above, if the game still fails to launch, please re-upload/paste your stonehearth.log so we can continue troubleshooting.

I understand your frustration, but please look at this from our perspective. The restriction is not there to prevent users like you from reporting bugs, but spammers and automated systems from creating massive spam on the site. It is very easy for a human to get past the restrictions (takes 10 minutes, read 5 topics and 30 posts, see details here). I have upped your TL manually so you can post more than 2 links. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I had similar problem a week back, it seemed that Advanced System Care (and maybe even AVG) was the culprit behind that assertion failed message.

So, if you have a somesort Pc tune up tool, disable it or even go as far as uninstalling, not to mention manually deleting any potential registry entries it had left, disabling your virusguard or/and creating exception for all Stonehearth related stuff and then running the game.

Great point @Haymaker, thanks!

@James_Trotter, I looked back at your crash.dmp and can confirm that AVG 2015 is injecting something into the game. Sorry that I missed that before. As the UI for Stonehearth is based on Chromium embedded, there are known issues (most commonly with Lavasoft, but other like AVG as well) with programs trying to “install an extension” of sorts into the game thinking it is a web browser.

I have feeling it may be either AVG’s identity protection or web protection feature that may be the culprit. I have to disable AVG for Stonehearth even though I’ve made.

I Took a better look on AVG’s exceptions, there’s lot to of checkboxes. Such as disabling the exception when the files in questioned are changed/update or moved and seperate exceptions for each AVG function. I’ll tick them all and give few hours to testing to see if it’s AVG causing that protocal assertion thing for me and maybe even pinpoint if its identity protection or web protection part.