Assertion failed, protocols and stuff [Resolved, I think]

Has been working fine 'till today when it started to give this same message over and over again with more frequency untill I couldn’t even get past the title screen.

stonehearth.log (5.2 KB)

Versions and Mods:
develop 2820, no mods

System Information:
Windows Vista Home Premium 32x bit
Intel Core Duo 2.4Ghz
Geforce 9600 GT
3G ddr 2 ram (can’t recall mhz)
400 g HD, with 100 gigs free.

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here:
I did, though I use AVG and Advanced systemcare. Went as far as uninstalling them both for purpouse of seeing if those two affected. Did also snoop around registry. Manually deleted files from steam folder (I have the steam version)

So far been running quite smoothly with this old rig of mine, managing to muster 26 hearthlings at max before FPS becomes too unbearable (around 15 or so with that amount of hearthlings). The assertion failed thing started to pop up when I planted safety banner, got more frequent untill it popped up right after starting the game. May be irrelavant but still…

EDIT: Update
After running CCleaner and then manually searching through registry again, spotting some registry keys left behind by Advanced system care which I decided to remove, the game began to run fine again! I suspect ASC disabling/blocking something that it thought was clutter, but just happens to be a thing Stonehearth needs to run.