[Latest] Bugged building (during stream)

hey all @ayazar and those who it is relevant to :slight_smile:

in this following video (41:37 mis + ) you may (or may not - user error?) see something interesting…

so, the road that i was creating decided to think that it was part of the house - but i assumed it would (should?) be seen as a new build - however; as you can see, this was not the case.

here is the video in question Twitch

and here is the save file (ofc, i removed the error too fast to be read, but you can pause the video when you see it :slight_smile:

(added note - also if you back-track a bit, you should also be able to see that it will not lay a template which was saved from another user when we had a [multiplayer] game - i do not know if this is related?)


Did you clicked on the new build button before making the road? If you do not click, everything you do no matter how far, it will be a single building.

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nope… the video says i did it as a new build

at precisely 00:47:39 @BrunoSupremo

**00:34:04 ** the above time is vdeo end (sorry) - prooves im not a nub (this time) i am sure :stuck_out_tongue:

@Unreal_Gam3er, with “New Building” button we refer to this one:
not to this one:
Haven’t seen you clicking on it at 34:04, so throughout all the video, the building name is “3”, as seen at the top left, so everything is part of the same building. If you see this screenshot at ~35:43, you can see that the building blueprint is highlighted on the top-left. If the road was a new building, this house would be dark grey.

oh ok… maybe if that could be added as some kind of in game tutorial (or that would be obsolete once you remove the old builder - which would be when?)

this is the issue (and i bet not just myself) wheni see NEW on the building menue… it means new building (ofc maybe logic dictates it means new Builder but that should be better seen - personal opinon)

cheers @Relyss

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here is a better (and less time consuming) idea? @Relyss

Since we have a load of new features and etc… maybe you and the team could pin another thread on the top of the forum with what does what and etc?

But then, if some other people (who never heard of this forum) have the same issues… then they might be confused still…

I don’t know… just he way my mind thinks sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll likely remove the “NEW” from the icon once the new builder is stable enough to remove the old one.

There’s been some concerns about the usability of some of the buttons of the new builder, in fact. And players started suggesting possible solutions to avoid the confusion that they had:


Uhm, why keep the old builder around? Isn’t that going to be completely replaced in a24 anyway? Considering that the unstable is to test things, I don’t see why we need the old one in it.


The old builder will remain in the code (though not in the UI) as long as we need to load saves with houses in progress from the old builder, or place templates made in the old builder. So potentially forever :frowning:


well thats the difference @sdee viewable or not means which one do i use - do i have a choice? and if i do have a choice - is it going to be confusing/conflicting :wink:

I don’t mind if you leave the code… i just hate being confused :stuck_out_tongue:

The base game’s old building templates have sometimes exploded on me while playing multi-player, so I’m personally looking forward to it being removed from the UI. Templates for the new builder probably need to be sorted out first, though.

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I wouldn’t mind it being gone entirely i think we should just forget all old templates and move forward on a new stable builder to reduce problems. Perhaps keep a steam version that has the old builder as a steam branch if anyone really needs it


I guess she is talking about building already in the map, not those in our template list. The template list will probably carry over to the new builder automatically. But the buildings in the map will error out without the old builder, ruining the save file.