Large Boulder 1 has a misplaced collision region

While poking around with the debug keys and the miniworld, I noticed that Large_Boulder_1 has a misplaced collision region. Looking at its json files, it appears that it lacks a region_origin.


the same thing with workbenches,


Ooh, indeed. Hmm. I wonder why these forums sometimes fail to notify me of new posts?

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I seem to have the opposite problem. It keeps notifying me even when I have it set to muted.

Not the same. :wink:
(I wonder why I never reported these things, being aware of them since long ago… :expressionless:)

Here, what we are seeing is the collision region (which is set to match the qb model, by the way) misplaced by one voxel to one of the sides (probably due to the region_origin, as @Tuhalu mentions).

The workbench issue from the other thread refers to the destination region.

I noticed these issue when I was trying to set up the bounding boxes for my candyland trees, since I changed their scale in the latest version, and wanted to ensure that the hearthlings didn’t dive into them or appeared too far away when chopping down those lollipop sticks. It’s really tricky with those bugs around…


If you don’t mind me asking, what are the red lines, and are they in the right place?

Red lines are the destination region. Albert talks about them in one of the last streams (I’m loving those new streams with the other devs). They are the region where a hearthling must stand in order to harvest that boulder (for a tree it would be to chop it down, for a bed it would be to lie on it, etc).

Black lines are the collision region (nobody can enter that region).

Whether if it’s correctly placed, I don’t know. Boulders and trees, etc are placed randomly in the world, thus randomly rotated too, so that region might not be correct. Probably lots of other collision or destination regions are wrong too, due to the rotating bugs and due to the copy pasting when creating new entities :sweat_smile:

Fixing this has no priority at the moment since you wouldn’t likely notice, if you play with a certain zoom.


Well it’s an easy fix in each case. They just need to add region offsets in the ghost.json for each affected object (the four current crafter benches and large boulder 1) and the problem is mostly solved.

For the boulder, you also need to tweak the numbers in the x axis slightly so that the adjacency regions are correct.

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