Bug Region collision by rotating

Hey, i’m working on my first mod but i noticed a small issue where i can’t find an answer. When i rotate my object its in the right position only in two directions. The other ones are buggy…

Maybe the alignment makes some problems in this file but i’m not sure.

here is also the zip file for this object

large_herb_case.zip (18.5 KB)

Have you tried adjusting it using the debug tools?

What I did was move the model origin of the item, but you could go with other ways, like move the collision instead or change the sizes of the collision too to make it match too.


Yes i tried it!
On the other models i needed only to align one direction and the other ones also matches. I was a bit confused on this one to see that in two directions matches and in the other ones don’t.

This may not be related to what you’re seeing, but I know the collision box can be sensitive to the region origin. Specifically, you have to be careful in defining model origin and region origin so that the region origin ends up exactly on one of the vertices in the world grid. In my experience, messing this can cause problems similar to the rotation issue you saw.

i’ve seen this problems… but i have only to understand how the system works ^^