Laptop Mode: An Addendum

So here I am, sitting in the lobby at college. Got a couple hours until my next class, might as well pull out my laptop and play some Stonehearth. Except wait. No! I’ve left my mouse at home! I gaze down at my scroll-wheel-less track pad in sadness, because the game is literally impossible to play without a scroll wheel.

I just now checked through the options menu and couldn’t find any sort of keybinding settings, is that something that could be possible to add at some point? Maybe the zooming function could be bound to like, the bracket keys in a “laptop mode” of sorts, I’m not really sure. It’s just kind of frustrating to realize you can’t play your favorite game because you forgot your mouse at home I guess.

(Also on the note of waiting for class, would it be possible to add a setting to display your computer clock in fullscreen mode? The waiting room, rather ironically, does not have a clock in it, and I mean, I’m sure being able to see the time would avoid those “OH WOAH ITS 3 AM” moments, right? Am I the only one that does that?)

ADDENDUM: I would like to restate my request for a laptop mode on this post, as the original paragraph was sort of glossed over, and also, I have more to complain about now. So here I am, back in the lobby at college, 45 minutes til my next class. Everyone is shooting daggers at me because my laptop sounds like it is screaming out in pain in the middle of this silent lobby. And then it dies. Out of nowhere. Poof! “Your battery is at 10%” Oh woah better save my game! “Your battery is at 6%” My laptop exclaims, literally 5 seconds later. Ok woah dude, chill out. I save my game, shut down my computer, and a sigh of relief sweeps through the lobby. Yikes.

But like, ok, heres the thing. My laptop was fully charged when I sat down to play an hour ago. I already have everything on minimum settings, and yet my laptop screams and turns so hot you’d think it was a Hell laptop. (Get it? Like Dell? No? Ok.) And ok like look, I have a half decent laptop. It’s not a great computer, but its definitely top tier as far as laptops are concerned. So here is my humble request, no, my plea. Make some sort of a laptop mode that drops the settings even lower than before. Like, barebones, take out all the lighting effects if you have to. I will HAPPILY cope with the crappiest graphics possible to be able to run this game around others without them thinking I’m committing laptop abuse.

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For now, one work around is using the + and - keys to zoom. Those work.


The w a s d keys move the camera
And the q and e keys rotate the camera
We are aware that the key bindings need a pass and a manager. Hopefully we can get to it within the next couple of alphas


I think what he meana is that he can’t zoom in and out

So he’s stuck in the same view distance forever, and that’s quite unplayable

The + and - keys zoom in and out :slight_smile:


Oh, i didn’t know that was there, maybe at-least have some sort of key guide UI in the settings or ‘Esc’ menue so the players can know about such keys?

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That’s what I meant with my previous reply of "We are aware that the key bindings need a pass and a manager. Hopefully we can get to it within the next couple of alphas"
Yes we know we need a way to better expose the key bindings. Malley has written an extensive doc on it actually. It’s just finding the time and people power to make it happen.


Ah ok, great! Sorry for waiting 5 days to respond, but thanks for the info!

(Edit: The addendum is at the bottom of the OP, I realized it was a little hard to spot. Sorry)