Lakeside village, from concept to reality!

Open question: possible to mod blue transparent “water” slabs?

@RunPlz, tx for the seed but despite having a large plain, how do you want me to regroup all those lakes? Don’t forget my reference level is the green “0” level, so as I go down 3 levels only, I can only use a portion of the available water. And don’t forget that when you choose your location, you don’t get all the map but a fraction of it so…

For the Village, I go with the last map, it should be enough. And I would like to avoid any mods for this project, the goal was to find a solution to move water, else there is no challenge! :laughing:

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I’m currently experimenting with building artificial islands to displace water and make the lakes larger that way. Not sure how building under water affects the actual level of the lake though…we’ll see if it works

I was thinking in that, building the whole village before throwing the water may save the volume of each pillars? Anyway, despite they are many I think the water level should not change that much on the overall area of the lake…

Before starting the village from scratch again with the new build, I took a break so here is a small interlude!
Again a mockup with MagicaVoxel to see how I would build a castle if one day I had to… You can see the draft of the dungeon and the well on an hypothetic square:

(click to enlarge as always!)


So back on topic and here is the new lake area for the village, much smaller so it should be ok:

Now let’s play with water again!


Water is in stabilization process:

Some divisions were already removed without trouble. The secret it seems is to not go too fast to not stress too much the water code.

Now, to celebrate, some Hearthlings decided it was cool to dance on tables :open_mouth: :


for some reason the upgraded worker outfits make me think the hearthlings are Irish, and some how Irish hearthlings dancing on tables seems to fit…

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That water was quite a challenge!! Tx to @Albert’s unfinished code! It was an honor to fight that thing! :smile:

First pier is here, was a quick test to see if I had to lower a bit the water and I will have to. That will be easy because now I just need to carve the shore a little and it will be ok.

The lua is still high, 40/50% and some Hearthlings become totally nut! Don’t know what to do with them… perhaps an asylum?

So, short break for today and next step will be some more cleaning + drop a few trees on the shores to get a more “natural” aspect.


Wow you really do have quite a lot of cool ideas, just realized this was you as well, anyway keep going it’s looking promising

Btw I tried using instamine but I can’t get past the last later underground

You cannot remove the last layers with the 4x4 tool. Just use the 1x1 and you’ll be fine!

if you mean the very bottom layer of the world, or “bedrock” as i call it, the ability to mine through it was removed in one of the latest releases.

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Oh man I was looking forward to that no wonder it didn’t work. Hmm well I guess I’ll just have to find another way to kill my hearthli… I mean find bugs.

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Oh really? Too bad! Was kind of funny…

your a man after my own spirit :wink:

also, sorry for the slight derailment of your thread @Beatrice :grimacing:

What do you mean I’m just finding bugs not killing hearthlings :innocent:

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Things are going well :grinning:


I like night time screenshots a lot …

Is this game peaceful mode? Otherwise how will you fight against invaders? If needed :smile:

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Yep peaceful mode because all this mess with water was enough to not add some more AI and events stuff in the pipeline!


Your village looks amazing so far. I’m looking forward to a water-paradise :heart: