Ladders Measurement Tools and More Now on Steam Unstable Branch Build Develop 1633


Have to love these extra updates!

New features

-Ladders will now build down when necessary
-New UI for choosing citizen jobs, showing the full job tree and requirements to -promote to each job.
-New command to undeploy a placed item, returning it to a stockpile
-The size is now shown for all boxes dragged out in the world: in the building tool, farms, stockpiles, etc.

Other changes

-Significant pathfinder performance improvements
-Citizens can now walk through scaffolding
-Removed the tabs from the building designer, and updated most of the button icons
-Removed the ability to promote a citizen directly from a job talisman
-Fix bugs where tool hints sometimes disappeared for no reason
-The trapper will now level up after harvesting enough critters. This is a very early implementation of class leveling. Lots more coming


Damn right as I am about to go to work booooo :frowning:
ahh well I’m very excited and I cant wait to play it tonight
also adding in the trapper leveling ups was very sneaky of you :wink:


You know what’s sneaky? They added the mason in the tree, but they didn’t give us a way to upgrade a worker to one.


I’d play it, but I’m meant to be raiding ATM :frowning: .

Also… build “development 1633” :open_mouth: ? That’s a big jump up from r144 :smiley: .


There are also some other surprises if you look at the game files.

[Dev Blog] Post Alpha 5 Features!
Expansion of the Class Tree

yeah for CSI sleuthing! :smile:

whelp, time to take this for a whirl!


:smiley: :+1: :clap:

sorry, its the little things that get me… :wink:


Treasure hunter?!

Oh my goodness, that… want… me want.


Thankfully this doesn’t require as much work as deciphering blurred text on a whiteboard.

There is also a nice surprise in the monsters file but I don’t want to spoil too much for people so they can look themselves if they want.


Spoiler Alert
In entities > monsters > forest there are “ents” and “ent-minions”, and they look amazing!

I love how they keep the cute style of the game while still looking scary and threatening.

The History of AltertĂĽmlich

I hope some chopped woodblocks will turn randomly in an evil ent-minion. That would be hilarious.


The picture in my head of villagers scattering in all directions flailing their arms about is wonderful.


The ents were there from build 127 :blush:
It’s not really a surprise.

Bliss of new features :star2:


well well, aren’t you mr fancy. :wink: You were holding out on us this whole time?


Not only me. I didn’t want to make spoiler, you know.

BTW, nice title n_n


Great update!

Loving the new measurement tools and the cleaned up building UI.

Ran into a strange bug, wondering if anyone else has encountered this. When building, my citizens will get about 2/3 of the way through a house and then just stop building it, go idle and that is that, no way to get them back building it.

Started fresh with new world and got the same issue. Anyone else dealing with this one?



yes, I found a way to get them going again but it had the opposite effect. I added on some stuff and they started deconstructing the house to the ground and the game crashed. I took that as a good joke that they were telling me they will work when they are dam good and ready. To be honest though how cool would it be to add into the code a way that when your workers get pissed enough they start doing bad things like removing things HAHAH that would be awesome. Then they would have to introduce a Judge and Police Worker. HAHAHAHAHAHA


I’ve just seen the notification of yesterday’s livestream. =(
I always miss these things…


Wait what? I still don’t see it… there was a livestream?!


You can still catch it here for now:


I knew i had an odd obsession with you for a reason.