[Dev Blog] Steam Latest Branch Updated with Build develop-1665


Development build 1665 has just been released on Steam :smiley: !


Units can change jobs, there’s a bug report button, plus a bunch of bug fixes :slight_smile: .


Named variables/functions in the LUA files are back, as promised. :smile:

function mason_class.demote(entity)entity:remove_component("stonehearth:crafter")end
return mason_class ```


I would just like to preemptively state that promote/demote is not yet working as intended.


Yay for bug squashing!!! im glad to have people want to join my town again… it was getting lonely :frowning:


im going to hazard a guess and assume this is one of your particular development efforts? :smile:

fear not @sdee… the fact that even the rudimentary system is implemented should keep the masses satisfied for now… :+1:

edit: nice!

Fix for the camera getting stuck in obstacles like trees


Yay! Such good news :smile: