Kobold 53-G-530 Snipers

Kobolds are either magical or harnessing the technologies of thousands of years later - and of a completely different world.

You can see the Kobold standing between the dark patch of ground and the small patch of missing grass, and he’s shooting at my knight - who is behind the house that has the fences and flowers, and also several hundred feet away.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the kobold archers do this - they stand back at huge distances and completely ignore line of sight rules. I’m not sure about the huge distances being a bug but I’m pretty sure the LoS thing is.

PS: For those of you confused on the title, the ISU-152 was a Soviet heavy tank destroyer and self-propelled heavy assault gun that fired a 152mm shell, used during World War II. Aside from armor-piercing and high-explosive rounds, the ISU also used the 53-G-530 and 53-G-545 ammunition which could pierce through one meter of reinforced concrete at upwards of 400 feet.

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I agree that something is likely amiss, as I haven’t encountered quite this much power in my kobolds, but I will say that I like the design they have (generally speaking). It’s nice to have a ranged enemy that can make even a fully tooled up footman question running into combat (… or at least make you question if it’s a good idea, hearthling blind rage be damned :P)

lol are you sure its not just the plain old homing fire bold of doom?
Those kobolds are pain on hard, they always take some units down in my game.

This is a town from A15, so it shouldn’t have changed to hard mode.

@Aethrios, I do agree with you. It’s nice to see this level of variety in the game!

Yeah, they seem to have truly absurd ranges. I am playing on Hard but it’s literally impossible for a single unit that gets jumped – even a speed-boosted footman – to run out of range once they’re engaged by kobold archers. It seems like there’s functionally no range limitation on their arrows once they engage.

edit: same deal with a level 6 cleric who was running away and self-healing.

Because kobolds don’t enter from the map edge AND you can’t run away from them, gathering items from the map turns into a bit of a death lottery. Whoever’s closest to the kobolds when they pop into the map just gets ganked, and there’s nothing to do if your whole army isn’t nearby.

I know they are quite potent but I have not thought of them as ‘over powered’ atm. ill keep an eye out thought for this

It might be that “hard” difficulty puts them over the edge. Which would be fine – hard is supposed to be hard ! – but they’re so strong it feels like there’s nothing to do short of a 100% defensive no-doors, vault-dweller-style turtle.

You can’t really prepare for them because they pop into the map randomly, so they’re likely to drop in right around your guys – you never see them coming.

You can’t really get away from them because their range is so long that they’re impossible to outrun.

It seems like all you can really do is either

  1. don’t have guys out on the map and just turtle (a big problem for Rayya’s where you need to scour the whole map for wood)

  2. Whenever a group pops up just accept that you’re gonna lose at least one guy minimum,

  3. reload from before kobolds happened.

if only the mobs’ level is proportional to the town’s level then it can be balance.

like kobolds range level is proportional to the town’s network or the level of the town’s archer and if the doesn’t have an archer yet then the kobolds range level is at its lowest/basic.

just an idea.