Flamethrowers (Like, yeah)

A Neat mod Idea I stumbled upon going through my head:

*Flamethrowers dress in a plastic - like leather suit with a very crudely - made gas mask, two wooden barrels on the back

*These units attack when you declare war on the Orcs

*They can be INSTA - KILLED with firearrows (In a glorious explosion)

*They move with a medium speed, but have the range of an LVL 2 turret and can attack fences

*They do not target civilians nor soldiers, they focus on burning crops and buildings. Flamethrowers also generally attack in groups of three accompanied with melee warriors. Flamethrowers only target wooden structures

*Buildings that burn for too long are DESTROYED, and all of the resources that took to make it are vanished out of existence. In order to prevent buildings to burn down, Workers must rush to it to repair the damages, therefore there must be a “Repair” Command

*When crops are burnt, all of the plants on that farming plot are destroyed and the soil automatically sets to “Fallow”. In order to destroy crops, the Flamethrowers must have been pouring flames on the farm plots for four seconds, therefore giving a time of four seconds to the town’s defences to react as quickly as possible

Thank you for reading!

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Are you talking alchemy-level flamethrowers (tossing Molotov cocktails around) or tech ones?

Creating kobolds similar to Dungeon Siege’s tech goblins may pose a challenge. Style of kobolds and orcs in Stonehearth is obviously inspired by nomadic tribes of Middle Asia (think Mongols). Mixing them with flamethrowers… Let’s just say they are not very mobile.

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I am testing and doing some turrets of my own :grin:, one of them is the flamethrower turret :fire:. But I didn’t thought of hand-held ones.

ACTUALLY, I like that Idea. Kobolds with baskets on their back and a small torch to light up the bombs


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