Known Issue - Farmers Will Not Harvest - Develop-2795


Since the last update my farmers have stopped tending their fields altogether and idle. I can assign them new farm plots and they will go and plant them but go right back to idling by the fire after that. The crops are fully grown and partially tended in my fields - they were previously tending. I did get an error box before this started and I’m sorry to say my copy to clipboard didn’t seem to work because I can’t find the error code to copy it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. New game with Develop-2795
  2. Assign 1-2 farmers to 2-4 diff. crop fields
  3. Wait a few days … errors (?) <img

Version Number and Mods in use:
No Mods - A14 Unstable Develop-2795

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Loaded up my older Rayya’s Children save (A14 prior to 2795 patch) and the same thing happening there as well … The two farmers started to farm - finished whatever job they were in the middle of and immediately went idle with all crops fully grown and ready to harvest … so this is a bug across the board for all saves and new games in Unstable-2795.

Can’t continue since they have no way to keep up food production - my trapper just recently got killed by a big golem too so I had to re-assign a new one. :frowning:

I tried unassigning them from farmer profession and re-assigning but this did not fix the issue nor did quit/reload of previous saved game.

Note: This other game (Rayya’s Children / Desert) did NOT get any sort of popup error message at all, was running very smoothly as it does on a new saved load. I even created two separate groups of footmen (3 in ea group) to see how the fixes to banners went - it’s working great so far! But now the Farmers are all on strike! :persevere:

Same here.I confirmed this issue.My farmers wont “harvest” any crops,(in spite of saying “ripe”)Restarting game doesn’t fix it.In prior version (2786),I couldnt see any glitch on farmers in several- hours-playing.:sob:

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hey guys, just thought i should let you know that this is a known issue, and as far as i know a fix is already in place for the next build.


I saw that and still stupidly asked the question, hopefully it is in the next build, all my people are starving and I can’t make any more progress on my town xD, Thanks for the information! :smiley:


Oh I completely missed that side note in the update fix. I need to pay attention better!

Worth posting anyways as I’m sure folks will be doing searches for the issue if playing on the unstable branch. I didn’t find anything in a search about it but I don’t always do correct searches.

This halts my ability to play on unstable for the time being as I don’t want my hearthlings to starve especially in my longer saved game with 20 of them where I was testing the group functions and finally had 6 footmen! I could try and focus on a lot of foraging and another trapper in the meantime I suppose!

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@Vexed oh deer, forgot to move to res, but the new unstable release fixes this issue!

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@8BitCrab - Awesome, thanks! I’ll be resuming the fun in unstable soon!

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