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I greatly apologize for the fact the Bunny Update still is delayed; unfortunately, a lot of my data got corrupted during some issues with my computer, and my last backup was apparently a lot further back than it should have been >.>

I’m toying with the idea of trying against with the designated class for the bunny, though still moving forward with restarting the update from scratch (or, at least, from the previous version, since I redownloaded that). I am very sorry and hope it’ll be worth the wait.

That being said, I was wondering what the opinion would be if I expanded it to include some non-bunny but similar content; I was thinking of making some Monkey things of the same nature for Rayaa’s Children. Thoughts?

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First off, sorry to hear about your computer issues – sadly it happens, here’s hoping you get smooth sailing from here and can replace that work quickly :merry: But please don’t feel too much stress and pressure over the delay – we may all be impatient for your awesome models, but that’s our problem not yours hahaha! We’re all just glad that you’re able to work on them at all. We’ll figure out a way to be patient :merry:

For the second question, I’d say that it might be really cool to have a “bunny cult trader” – it might even be part of a quest you can unlock. Say that there’s a special “awakened Ancient One statue” generated at game start, and the player has to find that statue to begin interacting with the bunny cult – give it an offering and some time later you get a mysterious visitor who gives you a quest, as you complete that quest you unlock lore about the Ancient Ones and eventually you unlock a new kind of trader stall; only instead of the generic merchant it summons a bunny cultist who sells the bunny decorations! The way I see it, this would only require a copy/paste/reskin process, you should be able to use existing assets and content as a template for every stage.

As for monkey-themed items… YES PLEASE! :monkey_face:


Yea, all too true. My laptop is a bit of a trooper for enduring me and all I do as well as it does, so it is entitled to freak out at me now and then, as unfortunate as the results are. Right now because of my current life situation, I’d rather take the hit to my work than risk having to send my laptop in to Dell after pushing my luck.

Hmm, I never gave this any thought, probably as a result of thinking the campaigns were a lt bigger and more involved than I’d be able to handle, but if you’re advocating that it shouldn’t be that bad, I’ll take a look into it. Maybe glance at the one in Stonehearth Cafe, since I remember the bee-line involved a tree being spawned and interacted with. Dunno; I was originally trying to make a new crafting class, but my lack of animation skills scared me away from it, lol.

Haha, good to see the enthusiasm. I was worried it didn’t “fit” since this was the “Bunny [Cult] Mod”, but also wasn’t sure about expanding it and couldn’t think of a good alternative name to reflect having other icons (though this isn’t the first time I’ve tried playing with the idea, as seen with the goblin totem and other ones I did in my creative corner some time ago)…maybe “Emblems & Enthusiasts”, as a play on the various totems or Emblems such as the Bunny, Monkey, etc, and the followers/cultists or Enthusiasts who then make the tourist-trap style decorations and furnishings based on them?

Bunny Mod:

So, I actually found a backup, yay! But it’s from when I first started this update, meaning it’s my older versions of things like the lampposts and windows. And before I started the language file work >.<

Still means not everything is lost, so I’ll probably use this as a starting point, as it is at least compatible with A23+. Just have to get the models aligned and the recipe work again.

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New Small Mod: Clay Veins

My curiosity was spiked after reading through a thread about clay quantity that mentioned the idea of clay veins, and wanted to see if I could pull it off for myself. The results;


A shoutout to @Tuhalu, whose marble in this mod helped me figure out how to go about doing this.

Download will be posted in my main post above


The Bunny Mod

1.1.2: Compatibility Patch:
Since the next Update keeps running into delays and issues, @BagHat helped me test a version of 1.1 updated for A23 compatibility, so you can continue to have Bunny Time:

-“Effort” added to Recipes
-Appeal added to Items
-Few missing images fixed
-File name changed to reflect future of mod
-Fine items temporarily disabled
-Variable quality added to items

Likely last patch/update under this name.
Will be changed in the Emblems Update, due to the inclusion of non-bunnies (such as the Monkey).


For that matter, could use some input from the Community for an idea I had during my (sigh) newest attempt at the update:

Since my start now rolls back to the previous version, which is just the Mason and stone catalogue, I was contemplating having the mod’s catalogue be “tiered” in a sense;

Carpenter: Bunny Items
Potter: Monkey Items
Herbalist: Goblin Items

Mason: Simple items from each
Blacksmith: Ornate items from each
Engineer: Very intricate and special items from each

Cook: Themed dishes?
Weaver: Cuddly items?

This would mean the Carpenter would be working with a little bit of stone and clay, though that feels like it fits in the Level 2 Collaborative Insight description (“The carpenter is now skillful enough to use materials created by other crafters.”) to me. Or is that too much of a stretch; should I have the other crafters actually “help” for that?

What do you all think?

  • Tiering System: Using other materials at higher levels is fine
  • Material Exclusion: My carpenter should not be making stone things! D:
  • Prepared Materials: Mason makes special “petrified wood” for the Carpenter’s “stone” use
  • Other: I’ll leave you a comment with my input

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Sweet Betsy, my cultists will love it.

I’ll have to combobulate my thoughts and give feedback later.

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YAY!!!.. runs of and tells the goblins to keep a lookout for any big deliverywagons with paw logos on it :jubilant::heartpulse:


two pics of the same statue, one using layer vision. I like the results.
EDIT: it hasn’t crashed yet


omg, that’s crazy xD thanks for that, @BagHat !

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enjoy. found an alignment glitch, I think, on the altar. Unless it was designed to center on the monuments, can you adjust it (or tell how to) to align to the grid?


Is part of the big overhaul that is making for such a slow update; I’m redoing all my models in Qubicle, so I can center them properly. The originals were made in MagicaVoxel, which exports them a bit off, and my attempt to compensate for it in the jsons was rather hit and miss.

Oooooh I see. GL with the remodels. I’ll go back to trying to break the game now.

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So here’s my current thought for converting formerly stone-based recipe over to the Carpenter to make the Bunny theme more attuned to the Ascendency - taking other things made by the Carpenter and adding stone.

This will also lead into the Wooden bunnies, as they’ll have stone added to them to make the original stone ones.


  • I like it - carry on!
  • Eh…keep the original recipes; who cares if it mean the Carpenter is using stone.
  • Ew. No. Give the Bunnies back to the Mason, right now.
  • Other; I’ll leave a comment with my thoughts, promise

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I dunno, I feel like keeping it with the mason makes it universal. Getting a mason is easy enough for both factions. Plus I kinda like folks to stick to their wheelhouse, but that’s just me.

That being said it’s not gonna break the game so do whatever ya feel is best. I’m not one to turn down free decorations lol.

Well, it being universal is part of the reason against it, actually; The idea of this was that the Bunny is more something related to the Ascendency (as you don't see them in the Desert), and Rayaa's Children have the Monkey. Drawing from the fact that the Bunnies occur in the Forest (and mod biomes), but not the Desert. So the two factions draw inspiration from different sources.

Later on, they start hearing the stories from the other and learn to make the other Emblems - parallel to the amount of time it takes to unlock a Carpenter with RC and a Potter with Ascendency. During which time, either comes across the Goblins and overhear their bits of legends (and thus the Goblin inspired items that the Herbalist makes).

Well then…either my mythos was drawing from outdated information, or I’ve just had really bad luck in the past getting Bunnies to spawn in the Desert. I very genuinely did not think they occurred there; prior to posting, I decided to double check that fact and proved myself wrong.

Now the cats need to re-evaluate…hum.
Suppose this means the Ascendency doesn’t actually have anything parallel to the Monkey. Now I’m not sure which direction I’m going to go with them

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all major crafters get something from each animal, but make the animal related to the crafter level and item fanciness. So for example, bunny items are made from wood and stone because bunnies are everywhere. The weaver gets goblins, giving the option to make any goblin items cute and humorous rather than grim/intimidating. The herbalist gets foxes and perhaps squirrels (I know foxes are present in the desert, not sure if squirrels have an alternative there); but squirrels items require specifically frostsnaps (which don’t spawn natively in the desert), while desert fox variants require specifically cactus flowers. The potter gets Monkey items but as high-level crafts, which makes sense in Ascendancy (and eventual NA) towns because we can assume that the high-level pottery has influence from trading with RC anyway. The blacksmith gets poyos because, well, Ascendancy are already getting* a blacksmith item which is poyo themed so I figure it makes sense to keep them together.

*ok, so really it’s one of three possible paths which grants the golden poyo statue, but the other paths don’t have any animal items…


Squirrels do in fact live in desert/scrubland areas too. The ones in the southwest US are kind of amazing, they live in burrows underground. They chew up moulted rattlesnake skins to make a paste which they rub into their fur and tails. When a snake gets near they increase blood flow to their tails, and wave it back and forth so the snake sees a very large heat signature that smells like a snake. Thinking it has encroached upon a huge snake, the snake will leave.

Sorry didn’t mean to cause a crisis with my statement. -_- So I take it when we get Northern Alliance they’ll be Mason - Wolf? I think giving the bunny stuff to the carpenters will be fine. WAIT…have you taken into account all the new critters they’re gonna add? That might help with any re-evaluation that needs to be done.

Stonehearth Dev Stream 308: Malley + Time = Stuff

Duckduck, ostrich, mimic, boar, zilla, beetle, bitsy, doodles, deer, possibly cougar. Not sure exactly what biome each one will go into, but ya might be able to poke Malley if you’re curious or wanna make sure.

Edit: Okay I’m a dork, I just realized y’all might be talkin’ about actual in game and not RL lol. Ah well I’m leavin’ the squirrel bit as fun facts haha


Page won’t let me vote. I like the tack you’re taking of combining disciplines to get le fancy. Make the player earn it. Just a little bit.

I’ve been playing with Lorki’s test biome lately, trying to adjust the mining drop rates to person preferences. So far, the monuments have been the best form of stone ‘disposal’ after making piles. However, the massive wealth produced from selling them is over the top. I’m a sucker for money so may need to increase the work to make them or reduce value when you get to balancing stages.