Kitty's Design Corner


i see lots of coding and cuting work coming in my direction :stuck_out_tongue:

when you are finished send my please a packed version ^^


For the guys!

frosted_hair_1.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_2.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_3.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_4.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_kitty_dwarfkin.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_kitty_eastlong.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_kitty_gentleman.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_kitty_monkcut.qb (154.0 KB)


frosted_hair_kitty_newsboy.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_kitty_shaggy.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_kitty_shaggyoldmann.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_kitty_simple.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_kitty_talian.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_kitty_warriorbraid.qb (154.0 KB)

frosted_hair_old_2.qb (154.0 KB)

The Samurai Tail
frosted_hair_kitty_samtail.qb (154.0 KB)

Oh, this poor Gentleman seems to have forgotten his tie at home…
frosted_hair_kitty_gentlemannodeco.qb (154.0 KB)

Rainbow warrior braid - only for the most epic of warriors!
frosted_hair_kitty_warriorrainbow.qb (154.0 KB)

Rainbow fashion truly is fabulous, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

frosted_hair_rainbow_japan.qb (154.0 KB)


Only because you keep insisting on using my creations :stuck_out_tongue:

One package for you, good sir, as requested


Don’t drink and voxel :smiley:


but thats the time with the most creativity!!! … for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, @Bella_Chatlotte, here are my hair_kitty_frizzcurls.qb (508.1 KB)
curl attempts:

Frizzy Curls:
hair_kitty_frizzcurls.qb (53.5 KB)

Simplistic Curls:
hair_kitty_simpcurls.qb (35.0 KB)


How adorable!!! Looks a lot like my own hair (before and after shower)! XD
Ok, but now help me (oh, such a noob) here: how do I put these models on my game? Just drop it on my mods folder like any other mod, or do I have to merge this into something? I’m zero familiar with this. You can’t imagine my struggle to get Endpieces working properly (yeah, I’m THAT level of noob). :sweat_smile:


Hello noob :wink:

Thats my Part xD i must convert them and add them to lomh - you cant simply add they to the Modfolder - till weekend i should have it done xD


Now it’s oficial: I need “Honorable Noob” on green next to my name! LOL


Love the modeling! That’s probably one of my favorite parts of this game, the models.

And someone should make a playable race of cats. That would be great.


and its updated - so you just need to get the new version of lomh


Hah, that (cat race) was a project idea of mine way back when I started
playing with MagicaVoxel, actually, though I never went back to it. Maybe I
should play with it again sometime? Though then I’d have to bog my faithful
everything-else man Wiese into putting together yet another mod xD


Don’t feel bad, I made that mistake at least once :wink:
Trust me, if it was that easy, I’d have an entire rainbow edition of LoMH atm xD


@balsacat, @Kittyodoom and @Wiese2007:

Ok, now it’s time to talk seriously. I want you guys to team up with me, 'cause I have this project of a cat race myself too. The temporary name is Purrfect Villagers! <3

Speaking of cats, there’s a mod called Wild Settlers, of cute wolfs. Their team mention that whey want to do another race of wilds, and I assume that they are planning to do big cats, like tigers. So my ideia is to portrait only little tamed cats to avoid any problems.

As features, I was thinking of customize this:
1 - fur color, and add stripes and big splashes as also as a complementary fur feature.
2 - muzzle shape, color and size.
3 - nose shape, color and size.
4 - tail shape, color and size.
5 - eyes shape and color.
6- Paws patterns.

With this 5 design features, I think we can cover a lot of possibilities of design of cats.

There’s two more things:
7 - I’m considering that as “hair”, we can do bangs, and also ponytails for the lady cats, and funny mustaches for the gentlemen cats. I dunno how you may feel about it, some may think its wierd. Oh well…
8 - After saying that I’m pro-mustaches-on-cats, may sound strange that I don’t want they to have wear clothes. The thing is that I think they would be so much cute to see their fur patterns on their backs, and also get they to be more like the bunny race models. But I would be totally fine if they have to wear clothes. I’ll not be the one having to walk around 100% covered on fur AND fabric, and feeling little eletric shocks. XD

For the mod’s future, I don’t want it to be just a cosmetic thing, like the current status of the Wild Settlers (that by the way, the models are adorable beyond words, and OMG they have tails!!). I want it to show up like Ascendency and RC do, right in the menu selection. It’s a dandy wish? I dunno. WS team said that they are also planning to do it so.

My plan include to call @BrunoSupremo to brainstorm with us about a custom map for them, with:
9 - custom buildings that dialogue with the ideia of a cat race (I hope Radiant Team evolves the building modeling a little bit, so I can elaborate better this idea).
10 - Custom plants, like catnip, and add mouses and geckos as new critters.

Ok, now you can call me dandy. I blame my 8 cats for this. XD

Cat Kingdom Mod - Purrfect Villagers!

You Sir, are a trully gentleman!
Thank you! :smiley:


You have 8 cats? That’s amazing!

I actually don’t even own the game (my present computer can’t run it, only a two core processor and a Mac to boot), but I will get it soon when I can upgrade to a desktop. (That’s partly why I posted about the multicore optimizing, I will be using a Ryzen.) But I can supply ideas, especially lore. I’m already having some neat thoughts about the lore… I’ll explain later when I’m more aware of what I want to do.

Just a suggestion, not all of the cat models should be based on domestic cats, some should be based on small wild cats. If you are wondering “what do you mean by small wild cats”, look at this link: You will be inspired.

And for the map… how about @BrunoSupremo’s canyon, but with swamp in the valleys? It doesn’t make sense right now, but it will once I explain my lore ideas, so just hang with me.

Cat Kingdom Mod - Purrfect Villagers!

I’m dead by cuteness! :heart_eyes:
OMG look at those ears!

@balsacat I want your ideas, all of then. If i have a bit of time left tonight, I’ll draw some of the cats designs that I have in mind.

They’re a family of stray cats that I adopted a few years ago. I also have 3 stray dogs. And I want to have some cockatoos in the future! :laughing:


You know, these would’ve been epic in the Archipelago. Hum


He looks ready to pick up the broom and scrub the ship’s deck! lol


@Fornjotr is really good with non-standard buildings. We got a few sketchs for the goblin kingdom, where he created some nice designs. We are just waiting for the new building update to start on it, as we need buildings with different sized walls and doorways, which is not possible now with the wall tool.