Kingdom of "xyz"

What are you guys nameing your setlements? your home town, your favorite city or country?

I made so many new tries on a freshstart and every time I need a new name so it is about to get difficult with times.

At this point im nameing my cityies of nightclubs or bars I enjoyed. Like “firehouse” or “electrice avenue”

What do you guys calle your setlement and whats the story ???

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I like bad Spanish: Porto/Puerto (de) [x]o works pretty good for waterside towns.

Failing that, I join two words, like for Copperwood, which was named to be a mining town and because of the orange-colored acacias.

Sometimes I try to dissolve them as if the words had joined over time as people forgot the original meaning, like Fortisan, a fortress I tried to build out of a mountain.


I name it fitting to the style I want to build. One of my towns was “Kattegat” and was built in kind of a viking style. ATM I build on the Anorien biome, called my town “Helms Klamm” (german name for Helms Deep) and build on mountains, carving stairs into the rocks etc.
Just for the atmosphere :smiley: