Upgrade your towns title?

When I was playing Stonehearth the other day, I saw, in the menu that tells you the net worth, The good kingdom of snobsworth. I thought: “snobsworth isn’t a kingdom yet!” So, that gave me an idea. Why not have it to where it says “colony” or “hamlet” at the start of the game, and then it change as you get more net worth/buildings. It could even change depending on the “game master” route you took! (The clever theives guild of shala, or the mighty stronghold of bobism)

Tell me guys what you think in the comments!


Already in the code:

"town_description" : "The __descriptor__ __noun__ of", 
   "camp" : "Camp", 
   "settlement" : "Settlement", 
   "hamlet" : "Hamlet",
   "village" : "Village",
   "town" : "Town",
   "county" : "County",
   "kingdom" : "Kingdom",
   "empire": "Empire", 

(from locales/en.json)
How much of it is implemented I don’t know, but it’ll be on their list somewhere :smiley:


Well, don’t forget that I mentioned the whole “title depends on your actions” thing!

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If you take bad actions the names could be:

The evil Camp of…

The vicious Settlement of…

The bad Hamlet…

The cruel Village…

The treacherous Town of…

The tormenting County of…

The fraudulent Kingdom of…

The dictatorial Empire of…

shivering in fear

closes the encyclopedia of evil synonyms

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


this is a pretty good idea, and its even better that TR actually is going to be doing this :smile:

note: perhaps the name of the thread should be “upgrade your towns title” at first i thought this was something to do with the discourse titles :wink:

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I like the concept of adjective diversification in the settlement’s title! There could be quite a few of these, depending on:

  • What size it is (already present)
  • What predominant unit types you have (workers = artisan, soldiers = militaristic)
  • What recent actions you’ve taken (good/bad/generic)
  • What terrain is nearby
  • etc.

Though, having too many descriptors might get a little crazy! The Mountainous, Lawful, Industrial, Goblin-Antagonizing Empire of Grand Sina!


Perhaps a town’s placement could have a more major impact on the game in the future! For example, if you had a town by the sea, fishing would be your best bet, thus making your village a fishing town, and so on!

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i believe that is going to be a “feature” eventually. but then again, my knowledge of the future of the game is more often flawed then not :wink:


I see no issue here. I would also demand every citizen call the empire by its full name. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


" The Mountainous, Lawful, Industrial, Antagonizing Empire of Grand Sina! Did I miss anything sire?"
“Please sire! Mercy!”
“Right after you scrub all the floors in The Mountainous, Industrial, Goblin-Antagonizing Empire of Grand Sina! Then we can talk about mercy!”
“HA! You missed a word!”


Never underestimate the King.


Never under-estimate the Kingdom Mountainous, Lawful, Industrial, Goblin-Antagonizing Empire of Grand Sina’s ability to make people scrub all the floor’s inside it.