Kickstarter - Vagante


An action-packed platforming adventure game that features permanent death, procedurally generated levels, and cooperative multiplayer.

the gameplay looks fast and furious! loving the look of the game as well, with some great pixelart in that muted color palette… and it looks like there is a demo available to try right now… :+1:

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I dunno… looks a bit like a Terraria clone to me.

Also… “Vagante” vs “Vagrant” :stuck_out_tongue:

I may actually give this one a shot. My only concern is that I’ve never been much for platforming games. It does look quite fun though at a glance.

i’m assuming you mean visually, as opposed to gameplay mechanics? but even then, i’m not making the connection… :confused:

hahaha… yes, i did a doubletake myself… :smile:

Reminds me more of Spelunky and Rogue Legacy… which I’m very much okay with.

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Yeah mostly - I mean granted I’m not really one for 2D games like that, but watching it, it did remind me a bit of jumping around in Terraria whilst whacking things etc. Mostly because Terraria’s the last such game I’ve experience of, but hey :stuck_out_tongue: .

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