[Kickstarter] Town of Salem

I’ve been playing this browser game for quite a while now… and I’ve since found out it has a kick starter!

Town of Salem is a mafia-game about murder, mystery and deception. You play as 1 of many roles, and you have either one of two goals to accomplish: Kill all the Evil-doers or Kill all the innocent!

The game is very fun, and easy to pick up… I recommend it!

PS: You can play it now, over on this website.

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I’m picking up on some pentup anger issues @Alfie … take some time off this week… :wink:


I… I don’t think I’m angry. Am I? I don’t know, but I can say I successfully won a round as the Godfather of the Mafia without being suspected at all… :wink:


I remember playing that game with friends at a party. Quite fun accusing eachother without any evidence at all. “Your sweater is too red, you must be a killer”.


~Im addicted to it already

@Alfie We hate @SteveAdamo for this already you know. Just a warning.

You don’t need to back it… :wink:

It is hard not to if its such a good game!

It’s a very fun game.

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I’ve never lost a round as the serial killer or the Godfather… I’m too good at being evil. :smiley:

How the hell do you play?

You’ll pick it up eventually… hopefully.

So that’s a “I will never know?”…Ok…

Look up the party game called “Mafia”

I wish that there was a Party Feature where you can invite your Friends to play in a Private Game.

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That would be nice. But then you’d need 15 people?

Super fun game! I missed it on Kickstarter, but I got into this last week.

Super fun, manages to re-kindle some of that old board game fun when you’re alone. It seems to be a game that people play just for the sake of winning and nothing else (you don’t get internet points for winning), like King Arthur’s Gold. It is sort of a “first-in-genre” for me at least, having not played a similar game ever on the computer. Sort of like Papers Please, it will be the comparison for all future similar games. Really an impressive thing.

As of now it is unmonitored/censored, so it ends up being pretty profane much of the time. Not a problem for me, but hard to “show off” to the wife or facebook. Also, super confusing, takes maye 20+ games to really get the hang of it. Maybe several times that number. I hope the official version has a way to handle this.

As far as I’m aware they are not the same developer, so I feel free to say that it is a 1:1 ripoff of the SC2 mafia mod. They’ve copied about everything, including layout, names and colors.

That being said, I’m not a fan of either, which is why I’ve written/am writing my own version in Garry’s Mod. With silly faces. It takes the “that guy has a red sweater” thing to the next stage, so to say, by randomly messing people’s faces up. As of now, you can re-roll the whole face, until you have one that you think fits best.

For example, imagine this guy was accused of being a mafioso. What would you say?

Arrest the dirty smug lookin’ fella!!!

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Oh wow yeah that looks incriminating :smiley: it looks like a few of the roles are different (there is no Survivor in Salem) but yeah. Yeah thats the same.