Have Fun Killing Villagers via Earthquakes, Fire, and Zombies!


So there’s this charming but slightly frustrating little flash game called The Summoning. Essentially, you’re a dark wizard that one day decides to destroy a peaceful little town via minions and natural disasters. I found it on Andkon Arcade and I think that some of you guys (Cough Geoffers Cough) might have fun slaying villagers! Anyway, here it is:


Have a look! Enjoy! :smiley:

Screenies for you guys:
<img src="/uploads/stonehearth/original/3X/9/b/9b181d6dc363f80407691a25e2321e6abe74ebf3.png" width=“300” height="300>


I have played it!!!


We seem to go on the same websites then… I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing though! :stuck_out_tongue:


This was AGES ago. You need not worry


I approve.


Well, of course. :stuck_out_tongue: Who would fit this game’s audience better than the infamous RepeatPan? :frowning:


This flash game is pretty enjoyable! Thanks :slight_smile:


No prob, glad I could bring a little more fun to your day! :slight_smile:


Seems fun! :smile: