1066- An Interesting Flash Game about the Conquest of Britain

Hey there everyone! :smile: Me here with another awesome flash game. This is really one of the better made flash games. It’s called 1066, and the title says it all. Basically, you play as different factions (Vikings, Normans, and the Anglo-Saxons) and battle each other to take the greatest prize of all: England.

Check it out: 1066 | 1000+ Free Flash Games | Andkon Arcade

Made by Preloaded: http://preloaded.com/

Oh thank God. I thought this was another Map Game.

Be glad it isn’t… The internet would implode!

Well, what’re ya waiting for? Check it out!

I checked it out. It’s OK, but the lack of a Tutorial makes it hard for Newcomers.

Oh yeah, and the Game is very Unstable and has crashed my Browser multiple times.

Eh, I guess. Most of the controls were pretty straightforward, and the minigames were self-explanatory. The only one I had trouble with was the archer units shooting.

Huh, that never happened to me, and I’m using Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer. (No Chrome in China :(). Maybe it was your side?

I hear that a the majority of Computers in China use Internet Explorer 6 as the main Browser.

Internet Explorer 6 :scream_cat:


Even if it’s not IE6, it’s still… Internet Explorer.


Yes, but still, IE6 is the worst of all the versions of IE.

Is this the game by channel4(British Channel 4) I used to play it, I think I completed it

I recently inherited my father’s old computer. It runs Windows '95 and it uses Internet Explorer 4.

Windows 2005? Don’t you mean XP? But again, XP was released in 2001, and XP shipped with IE6.

It’s actually made by Preloaded, there’s a link in the OP.

Win95 was with 4
Win98 was with 5
WinNT was with 4 (propably)
Win 3.11 waswith 1 (propably?)

And I am starting to frequently use IE 11. Inori version. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I meant '95. I was only off by a decade.