Kickstarter - Mansion Lord

i know, right? you were just thinking to yourself… “self? why hasn’t Steve posted a new KS campaign link? it’s been like, 28 seconds, at least!”

well, wonder no longer… and i have no idea why this appeals to me so much… perhaps its all the numbers and stats… :smile:

Mansion Lord turns the traditional “whodunnit” murder mystery into an RPG/business sim game with a pixel art style.

Very cute, definitely looks worth checking out

So basically it is a clue tycoon? heh

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Thank god this is a tycoon, My wallet can rest easy for a few days

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The pictures makes me think of Maniac Mansion and I’m not sure I want to be killed over and over… and over… But I’ll check it out!

Not my style but very interesting concept.

wow, i forgot about this one… :smile:

i thought for sure this would fund relatively easily… the KS campaigns have certainly slowed as we approach the end of the year…

People want to buy Christmas presents and save for PS4 and Xbox 1s rather then spend money on Indie Devs is my guess, If I was an Indie Dev (Dear God I wish I was.) I would put my game up on KS in the Summer because it is strategically the best time to put it up.

There have also been quite a few high goal Kickstarters drainin’ the pool too.