Kickstarter - Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

another new campaign that caught my eye… quite the quirky platformer…

but any game that features hair as a weapon gets my nod of approval… :smile:

An all-new HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!


Looks like a nice game and pretty much all Ive seen so far will get my girlfriend jealous, Ill still need to think a little before getting it but so far it looks amazing


I’ve actually played both of the two current games out in the series. It’s a nice series, especially for those who like the traditional 2-D platformer-style gameplay.

One concern is the amount of content, the first two games are relatively short–both can be completed in less than fifteen or ten hours, so it’s best for those who love to return to games and replay them numerous times (they are cheaper games though, so it evens out a bit). Both the upcoming third and the proposed fourth game (seen in the kickstarter) are planned to be longer and have more versatility, collectibles, and storyline.

Take a look, see if the game interests you! They’ve got a tons of extra chapters and features planned, depending on how much the kickstarter raises.

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I was torn between buying Shantae or Mighty Strike Force for the 3DS today… I bought Strike Force. This kickstarter looks awesome though.

Well, the Kickstarter has reached its $400, 000 goal!

And with a few days more, the funds are still rising…quicker than before?

There’s been a significant surge since they reached the funding goal a few days ago–they’ve nearly hit $50,000 more in the time that would have raised maybe a couple of thousand in the last week or so. It’s a bit reassuring to the stretch goals!

Hopefully the project can meet at least a few of these, I’ve grown to enjoy the Shantae series in the last couple of years. Every little bit more they achieve in this Kickstarter means even more content and replayability to look forward to.

At the very least, cheers to the team for meeting the base goal! Good luck on the new title.