Prodigy Kickstarter Campaign

I found this amazing looking game while browsing Kickstarter. Help make it happen!

Eh. I’m quite sick of these Figurine Games. Looks good, though, it just doesn’t really make me want the game.

What other games are there? I only know of Skylanders and Disney Infinity??

I think it looks incredibly interesting and well put together, unfortunately I can’t afford to pledge but I’ll definitely be following the development of this one with interest.

The title of the topic threw me off a bit… I thought the campaign was a prodigy… turns out it’s just the name of the campaign! Silly me! :wink:

Does this game suit you better? Red goddess by Yanim studio —Kickstarter

No, I’m sick of them because, while unique, there isn’t much too them, but I could be wrong, this game may impress me. It could be a great game, it’s just that I have High Expectations.

Here’s another awesome looking game: Hero Generations by Scott Brodie —Kickstarter

Looks cool, definitely in a different vein than Disney Infinity and Skylanders.

I know your feeling. Personally I feel that figurine games are a forced DLC on release. You’re locked behind a paywall for content you already have assets to after purchasing a full game. Not a fan of anything that forces me to pay more on release. If I bought the game for a determined release price I expect the full game, with all its current assets.

For those that are into it though, I can understand the fun of collect-ability and the like.

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