Kickstarter: .DECIMAL

.DECIMAL is a sci-fi ARTS/MOBA that features near-future tech,
“hero-centric” squad combat and real-time tactical deployments.

while i’m not entirely sure i’ll be backing the game, i was extremely impressed with the concept, art and campaign video… plus, these guys are in my hometown… :wink:

Meh, I think it looks like a bit of a Defiance/Titanfall ripoff.

It looks like a good game but Ive decided not to back or buy any more games that isnt coming out this year because Ill probably just forget

i find myself in the same predicament… not so much that i fear i’ll forget, it’s more that it’s all too easy to hit that “pledge” button… all my barriers to purchasing are removed from the equation, and i’m much too liberal with my spending… :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks more like stonehearth ripoff.

sorry, but this begs the response:

how!!?? Its not even voxel style graphics?? have you been looking at another page???

Very ambitious with a pledge target of $500k… and stretch goals up to $2M, really ambitious. The $2M stretch goal sounds a bit weird to me, as it is an item store :exclamation::question:

it’s sarcastic lol. Cause Zooka compares it to defiance and titanfall. 2 games not even remotely close. :smile:

oh thank heavens… i was holding out hope that that was the case… :pray:

might have something to do with the fact that i have no idea what the other two games are about… :smile:

They both have robots in them. But this game is closer to DOTA than it is to titanfall.
So I totally got the stone hearth joke.

Defiance is a bleurgh MMO based on the TV series of the same name.

Titanfall is the first game by Respawn Entertainment who were founded by West and Zampella, who as far as I know were also the founders of Infinity Ward. It’s set to be a interesting addition to the console FPSeseseses.

geez, i suppose i should have known that at least, as i watched the entire first season (mildly entertaining)… :blush:

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Well, it definitely does look cool, and fairly professional, but did anyone else notice the spandex-ish clad ladies in the first couple of minutes?

I want to tag the person who complained about that in the thread where we all rage about problems with games but I don’t know who it is. :crying_cat_face: :speak_no_evil:

@SteveAdamo, I am always pleased to see your Kickstarter links. You’ve turned me on to some pretty good games. I’ve been playing 7 Days to die for the last little while, I wouldn’t have seen the game if it was not for your link here. This one I actually saw before your post. With so many KS campaigns, sometimes it’s hard to find the diamonds in the salt pile.

you are quite welcome! :smiley:

and yes, it is indeed difficult to find those gems… i cant say all my links have been worthwhile, but most look like pretty decent alternatives, while we wait for SH to drop… :wink: