Kickstarter - Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Descend at your peril!

just now reading the campaign details, but so far… it looks mighty promising… :+1:

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I’m signing up…

I want the key.

Please, give the key to me.

I will accept the key.

The key is the secret to life.

This key will make my life better
This key will make me happy.

This key will make me shout praises to the universe.and to you.

Please, give me the key.

No, I am not even going to say anything…just glare at @SteveAdamo -_-

dont shoot the messenger… just shower me with praise, and feed my fragile ego…

after reading more of the campaign, and watching more of the footage… this looks rather twisted… love it! :smile:

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Very interesting, I might have to get this game some day. But I still haven’t bought Stonehearth, and that be me primary goal!

This was pretty much the way I used to run my roleplaying sessions.

Fear and Insanity were regular players at my table. So much so that it got to the point where the players would huddle and whisper when discussing strategy, occasionally looking and hissing “shhhh, He’s listening! You’re giving him ideas!”

Ah good times


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I backed it! It’s very promising and I love roguelike and RPG=P But this game seems to put the stress of a run at his maximum I love it!=P There is plenty of things to manage (not just the health=P)!

The developpers will explain some classes in the future update will release just before the week end! I want to see more of it =D

cool! will check back on the campaign then… some very excited backers over there… :smile:

Oh yeah I’m very excited with this project! The Graphic style is really original and goes very well with the game (fortunately=P). And the class seems to be very unique like the leper, I hope he couldn’t lose parts of his body^^

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Agreed. The commentary was really cool as well. Thanks Steve!

They already hit their goal! Stretch Goals FTW!!!

Also this should be put in the Other games category so I can find it!

And they post a new update=P

shhhhhhh…they’ll find out :smiley:

I wait the update of the week end they said that they will explain one of the classes and maybe present the design of the new class “The Houndmaster”.

I said nothing @eat​politicians=P

they hit two if them in their first 24 hours… :smile:

and this was already categorized in the other games section… unless I misread?