Keyboard Hotkeys

First post. My apologies if this has been answered. I checked the FAQ, the Wiki and did a search on these forums but I failed to find the answer.

If anyone is aware of a list of keyboard hotkeys, please reply here.

F1 - Single Terrain Tile (good for making houses as building over two terrains crashes game)
F10 - Shows the different things the program is working on (CPU Usage?(But Not sure))
Ctrl - Shows FPS, Vmem and CPU time
Space - Shows tons of lines that makes up different shapes or just lines. (Vectors? :P)

Sorry for making so many unsure statements.


if these all work in-game, thats great, thanks! ill toss these in the tips and tricks thread… :+1:

forgot what they do sorry.

F9 is pathfinding,
F12 collsionsdetecting if I am right.

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