Just a few features and/or questions I can't find

Well, #1 I know that we can not destroy buildings.

But, I can’t seem to find the, “Controls”, file.
Like what keys do what in the game.

Nor can I find an options folder to possibly lower the resolution because if i’m not mistaken it seems to be bigger than my screen o_o…

If anyone has any information on what the controls are for this game please let me know ^_^!

Because I’m lost without the ESC For a menu button to look them up o_o…

There isn’t one at the moment - there aren’t really that many keys in all honesty - the little tutorial at the beginning should suffice. Left click, Right click.

CTRL, F1, and Space bar all provide some form of debugging info, but apart from that there’s not many controls!

Try this. Please note that at the moment the UI doesn’t display correctly in a resolution below 1920 x 1080. But this workaround should at least fit everything on to your screen in some way


I had an odd feeling it was going to be that file… But for some stupid reason I didn’t even check haha…

Thank you!

Also >_> You haz steam? You should add me :3!

Steam Username: Inphanouse

Umm, okay. how do I make it to where I can see the floor