About purchasing on Steam

If i had just recently purchased this game on steam, am i missing a whole bunch of other things?

I keep hearing about all this stuff that I dont have and/or know how to build like roads, neat and creative buildings and such? Am I doing something wrong?

I also know that the version i bought on steam was alpha 11 and i heard there was an unstable version or something?

Im just very knew at this and would like some clarification.

hey there @bamicee … welcome aboard! :smile:

fear not, you are not “missing” anything… you have the full and complete game (in its current state)… if you want to participate in the latest alpha/unstable builds, you can follow the steps provided here:


have fun! :+1:


heres a quick screenshot of the roads tool,

select “design custom building”

and then select the “roads” then you just drag them out like you would a floor/zone

[quote=“bamicee, post:1, topic:15832”]
neat and creative buildings and such?
[/quote]well that part just depends upon your personal level of skill, also, those were made with the custom building designer, not a pre-made template.