Karra and Kreed Gnome Installation Services

Today, I was playing stonehearth, and I have a habit in my Rayya’s Children playthroughs to install a gnome on a decorative plate in each home, usually over the bed or the table. Now, I’ve set this up in my newest house, and these two hearthlings, Kessar Kreed and Omara Kara come up to the house. Kessar goes in and installs a ladder. Then he goes up sticks the plate on the wall. Omara comes right up after and places the gnome. Then, coming down, she removes the ladder, and they both walk out of the house. I’ve build a storage building where they both sleep that stores only gnomes and decorative plates… you know, It’s clear that once the traits feature is implemented, gnome installation would be the dream job of these two, so why not start now?
Anyway, have a nice day.


We just need a screenshot to see the team in action, dont we? :slight_smile: