Just how dangerous could disease be?

Warning: if you’re not intrested or don’t have the guts for icky stuff, don’t read this article!

After reading that wonderful yet gruesome book “How They Croaked” I realized… could disease possibly be the most lethal thing in Stonehearth?

Let me explain. From the medieval ages to about the 1800’s, doctors had no clue what they were dealing with 90% percent of the time. Your average life expectancy was about your mid 30’s thanks to this. Besides some basic medicine made of herbs, the only strategy doctors had for curing major illness-related emergencies was “Bleeding people out,” which means draining what was supposedly bad blood out of the body. For example, George Washington, despite the doctors attempt to bleed him out, died of something that could easily be fixed today with some antibiotics. Thus, since bleeding was so unsuccessful, and I don’t see it being a thing in Stonehearth anyway, disease could easily slaughter your hearthlings like pigs.

So, what do you guys think? Herbs and magic to the rescue? Or simply let disease do its thing in order to make Stonehearth more realistic?

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